RDS Authorization

RDS Authorization Management - efficent reorganization with best practice approach for SAP ERP

Authorization projects, both introduction and reorganization as well are often characterized as unpopular, complex, elaborate and expensive, and therefore need an alternative project approach.
GORBIT Rapid Deployment Solution for authorizations provides relief. By focusing on two modules only in a first step it enables

  • A fast implementation and go live basing on standards and best practice
  • A gradual continuation of the project step by step depending on urgency and resources
  • An optimization of consulting capacities by know how transfer to the customer


The Function-Oriented Approach

Legislation, financial auditors and revision a requiring a segregation of duties within a company. These requirements are fully satisfied by the function-oriented approach within the GORBIT authorization concept.
Processes are divided into a number of sub-processes and may be dedicated and assigned to individual functions (functional units).

GORBIT Authorization Concept – The Inheritance Principle

The technical realization is basing on the SAP standard procedure including parent- and derived role: template role = parent role

The Implementation Methodology

GORBIT‘s implementation methodology is basing on business processes and on the GORBIT reference model, including:

  • Approx. 1.000 template-roles
  • Entry-templates for business processes (for adjustment of company used transactions and inhouse developments with template roles)
  • Comprehensive SoD rules and standards
  • Reference-user for exemplary working places and functions (immoveable only)
  • Procedure for emergency and representation -user
  • Developer guidelines (Authorizations)


GORBIT‘s introduction methodoloy has been developed and elaborated within dozends of authorization projects.
The use of this methodology will shorten the run time of authorization  projects by weeks per each module.
The methodology is not product related and suitabe for a use in connection with RUF XE (C) or SAP GRC (Access Control) and without supporting authorization tool as well.
The concept is designed for an independent execution through the customer without further consulting support after implemen- tation of the first modules.


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