GBT (english Version)

GBT (Global Batch Traceability)

Mostly batch traceability requires a very elaborate and time consuming process which may extend to almost any complexity, if a substance or material is used in some or even many products. In addition to general information needs especially permanently growing statutory requirements are asking for frequent and rapid proof.

Real Time Transparency
SAP has created GBT (Global Batch Traceability) as a tool providing this transparency in real time and due to its graphical user interface enabling a rapid overview down to the smallest detail. Tailor-made graphical and tabular reports may be generated directly from the application itself.



Über die gesamte Prozesskette, von der Beschaffung, über die Produktion und begleitende QM ist die GORBIT Ihr kompetenter Partner

Our Consulting Services

Productive within Days

The introductory version of SAP and GORBIT is consisting of four steps and allows a productive rollout within few days only.

  1. GBT consulting workshop
    Definition of the scope of a prototype, including planning and cost estimation
  2. Installation of the GBT elements 
  3. Prototyping including system configuration and data transfer
    (master data and transaction data)
    Verification of functionality and definition of customized extensions
    Implementation of extensions
  4. Review with team

Defined Services for a Fixed Price

GORBIT provides SAP qualified services for implementation of SAP Rapid-Deployment Solutions (RDS).
Implementation and introduction of SAP GBT as Rapid-Deployment-Solution according to the introductory version in the margin for sandbox- and productive systems. A detailed scope of services and prices will be provided on request. These services may be ordered via SAP store as well.

GORBIT – Your Batch Specialist

The GORBIT team provides many years of experience in the areas of production, material management and sales and in the implementation of batch management for chemical, pharmaceutical, food, automotive and branded article industries as well. GORBIT is SAP consulting partner and was mainly involved in development, review and ramp-up of GBT.
The GORBIT team will be your consultant in increasing potentials revealed through extended functions of GBT.

Our Scope of Services

  • SAP GBT 2.0 implementation and integration with ECC 6.0
  • Feasibility studies and blue print
  • Process design
  • Introduction of ERP batch management in different industries and SAP releases
  • Consulting and introduction of special items within batch management, e. g.
    • Documentary batch in ECC 6.0
    • WIP batches
    • Original batches
    • Batch derivations
    • Multiple batches per order
    • Tank & Silo Management
    • Batch information cockpit