Tank & Silo

Solutions for Tanks & Silos

Tanks and silos are providing a special challenge within SAP batch management. Refilling of tanks and silos for raw materials or auxiliary supplies which had not been emptied out has a strong impact on the batch declaration. According to given rules new receipt batches are created or the refilling quantity gets allocated to the main batch or even the prior one. Within SAP this process is not supported by specific automatism so that a high degree of manual effort is required.

Automation Provides Relief 

GORBIT’s solution for tank and silo management provides a affirmative relief. Mixed batches get registered and connected automatically while releases within the quality inspection stock are considered properly.

Plug and play

The GORBIT solution is only based on SAP Standard and doesn’t require any modification. 

The solution is a Rapid Deployment Solution and will be offered as a package consisting of the solution itself and necessary consultancy services for implementation and training also as remote service


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