Multiple Batch per Order

Multiple Batch per Order Solution

Today SAP standard provides the creation of several batches in one production order. However a clear Batch traceability is not given. Therefore SAP customers are forced to carry out cost intensive in-house developments or need to adjust their production orders to the given batch volume in order to create an unambiguous allocation.

New Flexibility for Production Orders

Multi Batch per Order Solution by GORBIT GmbH today provides a solution which will solve this problem without a need for further modifications and on SAP standard. The use of this solution will permit to create flexible production orders so that a multitude of batches may be used in one single order simultaneously providing a clean and proper where-used list while functions such as corrections and cancellations are covered as well.

Plug and play

The solution is a Rapid Deployment Solution and will be offered as a package consisting of the solution itself and necessary consultancy services for implementation and training. The necessary effort for installation and training requires just one day and is also provided by GORBIT as remote service.


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Pricing, Terms and Conditions

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